in words, sights and sounds

…and I am wildly determined to post my observations on a regular basis despite the horrific internet connection at my current sub-Saharan location.

So how does one launch a blog called observations of a canary on which I intend to post just about everything that is of interest to me?

Well, I have no idea.

There is no mission statement to share, no prologue to write. This is going to be my personal playground, my mini-stage and gallery, my bullhorn, my window to the world and – I hope – a place to interact with you in the vastness of the world-wide web who might find my observations entertaining and of interest.

Without further ado, let’s start with a few Coney Island sights of people captured on one of the first sunny days of spring earlier this year.

You can view the photographs in full size by clicking on the images.

Russian ladies enjoying fastfood during spring-time stroll along the beach - Cony Island

Undoubtedly, Coney Island is a great hunting ground for people snapshots. Its shabby charm makes for a unique scenery.

Two elderly women enjoying the sun

The shops had only partially re-opened after the winter break, and workers were repairing the Coney Island boardwalk from the damages of Superstorm Sandy in expectation of the summer crowds.

Workers fixing the Coney Island boardwalk

It was sunny but still pretty chilly. However, I spotted a few early sun-worshippers.

It was still pretty chilly that day...

Elderly man on bench front of the Gowanus Lounge

and many who enjoyed a nice walk along the beach…

Young couple strolling along the boardwalk

yeah… or a run…


The rides were still closed…

Two persons ambling past a ride

but the ocean breeze was fantastic.

Enjoying the ocean breeze


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