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Picture of squirrel taking food from hand, intentionally blurred

In case you are wondering, this is the hand of my sister feeding a naughty Central Park squirrel. Yeah, the blurry thing is the squirrel.

This scene inevitable reminded me of the Lucky Luke cartoon series which I used to consume in my childhood. Remember? Lucky Luke, the cowboy known to shoot faster than his shadow? Well maybe you don’t. This tag line is super familiar to Europeans (at least those above thirty) but Lucky Luke has probably never made it outside of Europe. My American friends were clueless when I mentioned Lucky Luke and the Dalton Brothers to them, sort of taking for granted that they knew what I was talking about.

I guess, the point I am trying to make is: these squirrels are really fast. Sort of Speedy Gonzales (he is familiar, isn’t he). Particularly if they want to grab treats and stuff their faces with them. And they are real show-stoppers, capturing the attention of almost every visitor. One passer-by who witnessed us feeding squirrels while on a park bench yelled: “Be careful, guys! These are New York City squirrels – they will charge you for entertaining you!”

In fact they did. A whole bag of nuts.

Showstar squirrel




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