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Paris - Street Art - woman with hat

Paris - Street Aer - naked woman with heart

Paris - Street Art - the queen

Paris - Street Art - woman with flower in her hair

Paris - Street Art - Tristan

Salut, fellow bloggers and friends. This is another episode of my Street Art series – this time, focusing on Paris’ picturesque artists quarter Montmartre, located in the 18th arrondissement. Needless to say, Paris is full of interesting historic sights, art and jaw-dropping architecture. And, yes, Montmartre was the part of town where such famous artists as Renoir, Van Gogh, Picasso and Dali used to hang out. However, I have taken a particular interest in the small pieces of contemporary art on the walls of the French capital. When I climbed up the steep stairs of the Montmartre – the famous Sacré Coeur dominating the scene – I discovered numerous little Street Art gems on the way.


Montmartre is worth a visit for manifold reasons. For further tourism-related info on the area, please check out some of the articles below. I really enjoyed it there – apart from the pickpockets who usually attempt to distract you by asking for donations for the deaf-mutes etc – and can only recommend spending a little more time there than just for a visit to the famous Sacré Coeur. Amusez-vous!

Paris - Street Art - woman with flower in her hair Street Art - Paris - detail of graffiti Street Art - Paris - wall art next to stairs leading towards Sacre Coeur



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