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Giraffes seem to be very aware of the fact that they are impressively beautiful. Don’t you think? I am convinced they are.

The giraffes of the Giraffe Center, based at the outskirts of Nairobi, are real show-stoppers. They pose, kiss, eat treats out of your hands … (and even mouth!! – I saw some visitors engaging in daring experiments in this regard).

Even if you are not keen on a cheek by jowl experience, it is great fun to watch these animals at close range for a while.

And, please do not worry, the Giraffe Center is not a circus-like money-making joint but a serious conservation project which began as a private initiative in the late seventies.

If you are transiting in Nairobi, it is totally worth taking a cab to Langata – some five kilometers from the city center – and meeting the long-necked beauties.


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