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cardboard guy waving at window

Have you ever peeked at a window, while going for a stroll, and found yourself being waved at by a naked guy? Well, I haven’t. The guy in the photograph above is made of cardboard and probably displayed to protect the residents from nosy glances of passers-by.

Perceptive antennas

However, I have to admit that I love to watch people, preferably in the morning while sitting in a coffee shop and sipping on a cappuccino. Not in a voyeuristic, intrusive-perv kind of way, of course, but as a casual observer. After a good night’s sleep, my antennas are highly perceptive to all kinds of stimuli … visual, audio or olfactory (I am thinking of the scent of a freshly made cappuccino and a nice croissant).

The Zero 7 track in the background; a couple at the table next to me, arguing about why he made jokes about her mother during a dinner with friends the night before; the woman by the window, avidly checking her emails, sighing and rolling her eyes faced with what pops up on her display…and the distant wheezing of the milk frother.

Processing time

Me at the same cafe some busy 15 hours later would be a completely different picture. You’d probably find me with my headphones on, listening to music in an attempt to escape to a quieter and calmer place, processing my gazillions of impressions of the day. After having been exposed to a buzzing environment for too long, I usually aim to batten down the hatches and withdraw into my world.

I am clearly a morning person.



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  1. July 23, 2013

    This is a fun photo. Love it.

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