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Hundreds of doves in Istanbul

Gotcha. This was a blunt lie as the ornithologists among you will have discovered within two nano-seconds.

Of course, those guys in the photograph are ordinary doves, Turkish ones to be exact, although they might be dreaming of being Californian seagulls or scary crows. They are also not aggressive – quite the opposite actually. Chunky doves of peace with full bellies thanks to myriads of dove-feeding tourists.

It’s all about fantasy

But, hey, they are BIRDS with two wings and feathers…and there are gazillions of them. If your fantasy is as vivid as mine, you will totally understand why I had a little Tippi Hedren moment going on there…

To say the least, as Hedren back then during the shooting of The Birds, I also didn’t want them in my hair.

By the way, remember the scene when the crows attacked the students?



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  1. July 23, 2013

    Having seen the movie many times being around that many birds would freak me out! LOL

    • July 23, 2013

      Hehe. I hear you. On the other hand, I was almost a bit disappointed that none of those lame ducks … uhm … doves actually tried to attack me. I mean, what about a little bit of drama and suspense?! Nah, I am kidding of course.

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