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  1. December 16, 2013

    Some persons are so commited in Christmas decoration…
    I love the title too. 🙂

    • December 16, 2013

      Hehe. Well, I am not… but I am fascinated by people going totally crazy only because it is that time of the year.

      • December 16, 2013

        All this agitation makes me perplexed…
        It’s a good thing that you manage to observe it and make me smile, because these days I try to ignore people in the shops not to be edgy or saddened ! 😀

      • December 16, 2013

        I know what you mean. I can’t relate to it as well. It’s a bit like mass hysteria on schedule, isn’t it? 😉

      • December 16, 2013

        Absolutely. I guess I am a kind of reluctant sheep. But I feel very stupid to moan about that, given your context.

      • December 16, 2013

        Oh no, not at all, I would do exactly the same. Venting is a good thing! And being a reluctant sheep is, too. Sheep are too often blindly following the herd, for my taste.

      • December 16, 2013

        Anyway… It’s really nice to discuss with you, little Canary. 🙂

      • December 16, 2013

        It is. Despite our discussion’s highly public nature;)

      • December 16, 2013

        Indeed… We must keep discrete… 😉

      • December 16, 2013

        roger, dodger 🙂

      • December 16, 2013


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