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Dear friends of the Canary!

The fantastic, rewarding, horrible, annoying, wonderful and adventurous 2013 is basically over and the Canary is itching to dive into new yellow adventures in 2014!

Thank you, guys, for having been a real enrichment to my avian existence, and all the best for 2014! It’s been a pleasure interacting with you. Way to go!

Here’s an overview of what’s been cooking on observations of a canary, since its birth in June 2013.

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Dear friends of the Canary!

Another month of street shots has passed and the Canary is getting ready to leave its Manhattan-based nest again, headed for greener pastures. The Canary (as well as the woman behind the bird) is flying to Africa early next month.

Time to migrate

Time flies. The summer in the city is clearly over, and it’s getting cold outside. Nevertheless, leaving NY’s never easy although the summer south of the equator makes it a little less difficult to pack our bags again.

Thank you!

Thanks so much for your continued and –  in other cases –  newly-found interest in the Canary’s observations. It’s always rewarding and helpful to receive your feedback, and lots of fun to follow your blogs.

For those of you who missed the Canary’s October observations, here’s a little selection of what’s been going on:

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Dear Friends of the Canary!

It’s been quite a month and I am not too unhappy that it’s over. Here’s to a golden October and a relaxing home leave in New York City! Needless to say, I will continue to share my observations with you – this time from across the pond.

Last but not least: many, many thanks for sharing your thoughts with me this past month – and a special thanks to those of you who checked on me in the aftermath of the recent terrorist attack in Nairobi. Your concern really touched me.

For those of you who might have missed the Canary’s September observations, here is a little selection:

For more, please have a look at the archives. Have a good week!

Dearest friends & followers of the Canary!

Thanks for your continuous interest in this little blog – it’s been lots of fun interacting with you, and your feedback remains invaluable. Mille grazie for your support!

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I hope you are having an enjoyable Sunday. To be honest, I have totally missed that it’s already September and, therefore, it’s high time for… my monthly round-up for those of you who either missed some of the Canary’s August observations or do enjoy a little review of what’s been cooking.

There have been plenty of photographs, including impressions from the UAE, Kenya and New York …sometimes with and sometimes without words. Here are a few…

If you are interested in some of the Canary’s observations in words and sounds, have a look at the following posts of mine:

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You’re the cream in my coffee


I have written about my joy of people-watching before. I love to watch people, preferably in the morning while sitting in a coffee shop and sipping on a cappuccino. Not in a voyeuristic, intrusive-perv kind of way, of course, but as a casual observer. And clearly, I am not alone. People-watching is a global phenomenon and cuts through all generations. I spotted these three jolly Kenyans this weekend, hanging out at a bench in Nairobi’s Central Business District. They were clearly having fun.

The bizarre coexistence of fish, ‘homo sapiens’ and retail stores in a Dubai shopping mall: these photographs were taken from outside the gigantic aquarium with sting rays, sharks, and tons of other impressive fish that I can’t name in the middle of a shopping mall, located (well, let’s face it) in the desert.


There is an indoor ski resort around the corner as well. Not so great in terms of ecological footprint. But, hey, allegedly it is money that makes the world go round: this is why we will – fortunately – never see a ‘desert world’ for sand dunes surfers in Greenland.

In yesterday’s In Focus: Photos of Photographers I said I’d post a few more pictures of ‘sharpshooters’ in action – all committed to the perfect shot of Dubai’s damn tall tower, known as Burj Khalifa, with full physical exertion.

As you can see, I was fully satisfied with taking a rather unmotivated picture of the upper half of the center of attraction that evening.

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My brain’s pleasure center

What a month July was! Thanks for your interest in my blog – your ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ have been and continue to be very rewarding. These little ‘like’ stars and ‘follow’ pluses, popping up on my screen, are clearly having an effect on my brain’s reward and pleasure center. Sort of like eating chocolate does. So THANK YOU for these virtual treats and your nice comments on my posts. They are much appreciated.

Given the ephemerality of posts and the plethora of interesting blogs out there, it is simply impossible to (attentively) follow as many blogs as I would like to: you might feel the same. This is one reason why I have decided to post The Canary’s Monthly Round-Up, towards the end of each month, including some of the content you might have missed. Yeah, I am one day late but the purpose remains the same.

Already seen this? There are great alternatives

For those of you who have already seen the below, kindly ignore this post and check out some of the great blogs I have nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award.

Observations in Sights

If you are interested in my photographs but have no time and energy to go through my archives, have a peek at the gallery below.

Observations in Words

And, yes of course, the Canary is (semi-) literate as well. ChurbChurp …  CHIRP !! Here are some of the Bird’s July observations in words:

Early-Bird People Watching, Dog walkers and their furry clients, Odd jobs: Being an Extra in a Soap and Remember when the birds had the flu?

So, my friends, I’ll be headed to the Gulf tomorrow and continue posting from there – alf layla wa-layla style (for non-Arabic speakers: ‘a thousand and one nights’ style) and at a slightly decreased pace.

So long!

Giraffes seem to be very aware of the fact that they are impressively beautiful. Don’t you think? I am convinced they are.

The giraffes of the Giraffe Center, based at the outskirts of Nairobi, are real show-stoppers. They pose, kiss, eat treats out of your hands … (and even mouth!! – I saw some visitors engaging in daring experiments in this regard).

Even if you are not keen on a cheek by jowl experience, it is great fun to watch these animals at close range for a while.

And, please do not worry, the Giraffe Center is not a circus-like money-making joint but a serious conservation project which began as a private initiative in the late seventies.

If you are transiting in Nairobi, it is totally worth taking a cab to Langata – some five kilometers from the city center – and meeting the long-necked beauties.