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The Three

The newly painted NEWBORN monument in the center of Prishtina and three soldiers.

For more on the story behind this photograph, please see: Kosovo 2.0 Newborn: Private, Public, or Somewhere in Between

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Dear friends of the Canary

Wow. I have just realized that it is the 1st of December today. Time definitely flies. I barely got used to the idea that it was November and now this: the year is basically over and so are 6 months of blogging on WordPress. Let me tell you, honored friends of the Canary, it’s been an entirely positive experience sharing my observations with an amazingly diverse blogging community, and I almost feel I have made some real ‘virtual’ friends out there. All an illusion, an artificial world that has nothing to do with reality? Nah, not entirely. It’s a sphere in between, which continues to be fun to explore. I seriously enjoy your feedback and our exchanges. So thanks for this.

The Canary will switch continents tomorrow and, then, provide you with what I hope to be interesting winter observations from Berlin.

Here’s an overview of what’s been cooking in November (click here for more observations-of-the-canary):

Have a lovely Sunday, y’all.

Photograph of street vendor in Limuru selling patriotic songs

If you are on the lower end of the food chain, amidst a multi-ethnic country scarred by corruption and tribalism, it might occasionally be challenging to maintain one’s patriotic feelings – or to have them in the first place.

Some say music has unifying effect… patriotic songs, anyone?!